PTSA Tips for a Smooth Transition to Carmel Valley Middle School

PTSA Tips for a Smooth Transition to Carmel Valley Middle School

Preparing for the First Day of Middle School

  • Attend the Student & Parent Orientations on August 15th. Students will see:
    • PAC, where they will pick up schedules on the 1st day of school
    • Front Office
    • Gymnasium & Locker Rooms
    • Lunch facilities, tables, etc.
    • Media Center
    • Classrooms
    • Campus layout
  • You’ll also have the opportunity to purchase PE uniforms and a yearbook, to learn more about the CVMS PTSA, and meet other students and parents.
  • Decide how your student will get to school, using the most convenient access point for your family (see map). Avoid driving to the front entrance if possible, as traffic can be difficult.
    • Organize a carpool or walking group so your student will arrive & leave school with a friend or neighbor.
    • Designate a meet spot for students after school to walk or ride home.
  • Students should set a meet spot in the “Quad” for lunchtime with their friends. It’s hard to find your friends even if they have a phone.
  • Make sure your student remembers to go directly to the PAC on the 1st day to get his or her schedule.

School Supplies

  • On the first day, send them with a 1” 3-ring binder with pockets and 2 pens or pencils.
  • The school provides an agenda with all school related information in the front section.
  • On the first day: Students will receive a syllabus from each class. The syllabus will outline teacher expectations, rules, grading policy, and supplies needed.  Prepare your student if he or she is anxious and explain that when you have 6 teachers, they each have their own rules.

Your student will not be able to organize their binders etc. until after the 1st day.

  • Many students buy separate binders for each day of school, ie, one for Tuesday/Thursday (periods 1, 3, and 5) and one for Wednesday/Friday (periods 2, 4, and 6), and bring both binders to school on Mondays. Zero period students typically buy a thinner binder for just that class.